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Talking Vonnegut: Centennial Interviews and Essays

This collection of 29 interviews explores the outer reaches of the Kurt Vonnegut universe. Conversations reveal how Robert B. Weide's letter to Kurt led to a long friendship and an acclaimed documentary, how readers in the former Soviet Union fell in love with Vonnegut during the Cold War, how Ryan North and Albert Monteys adapted Slaughterhouse-Five into a graphic novel, how two podcasters introduced him to a new generation of readers, and how Vonnegut's time teaching at the Iowa Writers Workshop helped transform him from an unknown paperback writer into a literary superstar.


Also included are eight essays by the author. These cover Vonnegut's thoughts on guns and loneliness, evaluate his posthumous publications, offer a guide to the best Vonnegut videos available online, and ask questions like "Was Kurt Vonnegut secretly a romance writer?" A resource for students, scholars and fans, this book offers windows into Vonnegut's life and art that are often overlooked in standard biographies.

A Better Heart

Watch the Trailer.


A heartbreaking yet comic family drama, A Better Heart examines the human-animal bond and the bonds between fathers and sons, challenging readers to explore their beliefs about the treatment of non-human species.


"Finally!  A story about animal rights that informs and entertains rather than preaches.  By the bottom of the first page, I'd already laughed several times.  Augello successfully addresses the connection of humans and non-humans."  Indepedent Book Review 

The Revolving Heart

"A reflective narrative about the choices people make, the bonds they forge, and the obligations they can't escape, however much they might try. Augello shows a knack for sharp, believable dialogue, and his character construction is impressive. A superb, captivating work from a promising new literary voice."  Kirkus Reviews


In The Revolving Heart, love and redemption collide as a narcoleptic ex-playwright struggles to atone for his youthful mistakes.