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Chuck Augello is the author of A Better Heart and The Revolving Heart, a Best Books of 2020 Selection by Kirkus Reviews. Both novels are published by Black Rose Writing. His work has appeared in One Story, Literary Hub, Fiction Writers Review, The Vestal Review, and other fine journals. Recent stories have appeared in Necessary Fiction, Wrong Turn, and The Avalon Literary Review.  


His book Talking Vonnegut: Centennial Interviews and Essays is available from McFarland Books. As publisher and editor of The Daily Vonnegut, a website exploring the life and art of Kurt Vonnegut, he has interviewed writers, filmmakers, composers, and scholars sharing their reflections on Vonnegut's work along with recollections of personal encounters with the great American novelist.  Visit The Daily Vonnegut for more.   


Watch the trailer for A Better Heart here


Read more about him in this interview from Kirkus Reviews.  


Augello lives in New Jersey with his wife, dog, two cats, and the many unnamed birds and squirrels who inhabit the back yard.  Follow him on Twitter at @Chuck2315Books.  


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